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Get all of the Sedona Meditations for $19.99!

The Sedona Meditations are 9-minute meditations to help you manifest the amazing life you dream of – and fully deserve. A life where you’re living your soul’s purpose and experiencing joy, peace, love and well being in all aspects of your life.

By bringing in Sedona’s unique energy, The Sedona Meditations allow you to accelerate and amplify your transformation – any time you choose, no matter where in the world you are.

Using music, guided imagery and breath, each of the 9-minute Sedona Meditations offers a unique benefit. With my book, “The Journey To Happy”, you’ve already received access to “The Chakra Meditation” and the “Loving Your Body” meditation. When you accept this special offer, you’ll add the rest of the collection to your library:

What is My Soul’s PurposeMoving Into a Higher, Faster VibrationChange Your Story, Change Your LifeConnecting to the Highest Part of YourselfReleasing StressReleasing Fear and WorryConnect with Your Angels and GuidesBefriending Your Body (Eliminate Pain)

The Sedona Meditations are regularly $9.99 each.

Get all of the Sedona Meditations for $19.99!

(A $99.99 value)